Parents and Foster Parents

ISP school emergency closures

Emergency Closures

We will contact you by phone or by text message in the event of an unexpected school closure.

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School meals

The centre will expect carers and parents to send their child into school with a healthy school lunch.

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School uniform

In terms of school uniform, we wanted to keep it simple but enforce our belief that a uniform is an essential part of conformity and encourages a sense of belonging. With this in mind we would ask parents to purchase black school trousers or skirts, plain white polo shirts and black shoes or all black trainers.

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Tackling the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and young people

CEOP is a command of the National Crime Agency and is dedicated to tackling the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and young people. CEOP helps children and young people under the age of 18 who have been forced or manipulated into taking part, or are being pressured to take part, in sexual activity of any kind. This can be both online and offline. The CEOP Safety Centre offers information and advice for children and young people, parents and carers and professionals. You can visit the CEOP Safety Centre and make a report directly to CEOP by clicking the Click CEOP button.

Online bullying or other online concerns should not be reported to CEOP and children and young people should be directed to speak to an adult they trust, and/or referred to Childline, if they would like to speak to someone about how they are feeling.