Our curriculum challenges and extends our learners, enabling them to develop their personal, emotional, social and academic skills and knowledge. We offer a highly innovative and personalised curriculum, which is tailored to individual pupils' needs and provides pathways that enable a smooth transition to higher education, training and apprenticeships.


The intent of the curriculum is to provide a holistic learning experience which is personalised to meet the assessed needs of individuals and groups. We use pupils’ interests and talents to provide motivating and engaging learning experiences and programmes of study. There is also an emphasis on developing resilience, independence and lifelong learning skills tailored to individual needs. The curriculum provides challenge, supports differing needs and learning styles and the acquisition of 21st-century learning skills of critical thinking, creative thinking, communicating, and collaborating.

To achieve the intent of the curriculum, it captures all elements of the National Curriculum, whilst personalising it for our learners’ cognitive load and ensures their Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) outcomes are met. The content is wide-ranging, balanced and relevant with an unashamed focus on reading, writing and maths.

British values, cultural diversity, equality and difference is celebrated throughout the curriculum in order to develop confidence, positive self-esteem and independence. Pupils at Key Stage 4 take nationally recognised qualifications, including GCSE, as appropriate.


We teach the National Curriculum, leading to external accreditation at GCSE level, where applicable. We enhance our curriculum with vocational qualifications such as Functional Skills in English and Maths, Entry Level Science, AQA awards in Land Based Studies and Food Technology.

In addition we offer a bespoke Personal Development programme, which covers careers/PSHE/RSE/Life Skills and food.

All of our pupils have the option to study further subjects in KS4, including GCSE History, Business, Photography, Art and Computer Science.

We work in a supportive environment that enables pupils to express themselves appropriately through the acquisition of key social communication skills. We expect pupils to develop an awareness, and consideration, of others, which is developed in peer cooperation, a nurture group ethos and respect for the views of their friends. Pupils are regularly elected to the School Council to help shape school planning and ideas.


We have small bespoke groupings of 7 pupils plus a class teacher/tutor and at least one Progress Engagement Guide (PEG) per group. Pupils are placed in the group that ‘best fits’ their developmental stage and academic need.

Our small class group size, balanced with a high level of experienced support, creates a safe and nurturing environment for pupils to begin to close the gaps in their skills, knowledge and understanding. Our highly experienced PEGs offer support, guidance and assistance across the school day, including in class and break times. They also encourage independent learning and empower pupils to achieve their potential.

Careers programme

At ISP school, we look to the future and feel that our pupils will leave us equipped with self-confidence, resilience and an ‘I can’ ethos so that they are able to make successful, informed and rewarding choices for their next steps.

Our Careers Programme is delivered by class teachers within the Personal Social Health Education & Citizenship syllabus ‘carousel’ at KS3 and is further developed through KS4 with enterprise-driven opportunities and an accredited Employability course.

We strive for our pupils to be supported by specialist careers advice and have opportunities for supported, appropriate work experience that enables them to engage in rewarding and enriching experiences.

Other key areas covered include CV writing, interview skills and practice, career choices and exploration of further education options. We aim to develop and support our pupils so that they have the confidence and skills that they need to succeed wherever their next steps may be.