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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide each pupil with a diverse and appropriate education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline and engagement, inspires learning and encourages aspiration and achievement.

Our Vision

ISP School strives to help all pupils to reach their potential and believe that they can achieve, be kind, make positive relationships, communicate well and grow as individuals.

ISP School, Battle – Post-16 Curriculum Intent

Not everyone is ready for college by the end of KS4, particularly the children who come to our setting. Children arriving late in KS4 will have the time and opportunity to build on their positive relationships with adults that encourage their new found confidence in their abilities.

Specialist subject teachers along with the additional time, will allow children to achieve their full potential.  To ensure that our curriculum does not fail any child, we take a holistic approach when considering the next educational stage  with a foci not only on the educational needs of the child, but also  a focus on social, emotional needs and developing independence, confidence and self-esteem. Life skills and applying their learning to everyday life is at the core of our curriculum.  It compliments a range of awards and qualifications with a diverse and rich timetable.

Our Curriculum is an equitable curriculum that actively shapes opportunities for all our children, whatever their background, ability and capability for each to successfully fulfil his/her/their potential.  Statistically, ‘Children with an EHCP are three years behind their peers when they leave school at 16 and students with SEND needs to achieve, on average, over half a grade lower than their non-SEND peers’ (Department for Education (2019) – Post-18 Review of Education and Funding: Independent Panel Report.).  Children at our school arrive to us having been out of school for often a very significant amount of time and therefore their starting points fall far lower than these suggested outcomes.

The additional knowledge and skills we choose, such as our PSHE program, are because they lie genuinely in the child’s best interests and  are at the core of how we define our curriculum intent. Our intent is to ensure valuable ‘addionality’ in knowledge, because of intrinsic value and relevance to children’s lives. Whilst academic subjects may be mixed KS4/KS5, specific programs of study that are age related will be delivered specifically to KS5 (see PSHE etc.) below.

Detailed below is the long term overview of our core offer – we are able to adjust and adapt according to the individual child’s requirements.

GCSE English Language

GCSE Maths

GCSE Biology

BTEC Media

BTEC Performing Arts

BTEC Landbased - Plant Based

BTEC Landbased - Equine

OCR Life & Living Skills - Entry Levels

Nationals - Sport

ICT Functional Skills

Work Experience - KS5

The Government’s Programme of Study for 16 - 19 year old students, requires that all post 16 provisions offer the following;

  • A higher level of study than the students’ prior attainment.
  • An experience of vocational opportunities.
  • Further study Maths and English to improve students’ functional understanding.
  • An opportunity of a work experience placement or other work related learning.

If there are any parents who have their own business and would be able to support our work experience please contact either Caroline Belchem or Cara Watkins on 01424 238640.

At ISP School, Battle, we aim for all our 16 – 18 cohort to have access to appropriate work experience which is relevant and meaningful.

This experience will include:

Supported Work Experience Programme

Children will complete, over one half term period, an enterprising project, where goods are sold in-house. This enables us to see what skills and abilities could be utilised in the labour market. Following the project children then take part in a supported work placement in a vocational area they wish to pursue for at least 12 hours.

Work Experience

Children are taken off time timetable and are engaged on a full time placement with a local business or within our school and supported by a Progress Engagement Guide.

Vocational Experiences

As is expected, children following a Post 16 Study Programme engage in a variety of accredited vocational activities including DIY, Construction, Catering, Hair and Beauty and Outdoor Learning.

Jobs Supported Internship and Apprenticeships.

We aim to offer supported internships and apprenticeships as our post 16 cohort develops.